The Hobo...

... is the most fascinating character of the movie "The Polar Express"...

... which is why I had the urge to put the conversation between him and the hero boy in here...

It's just sooo great!

Hobo [sitting, playing the lyre (at least I think that's what he plays...) and singing, he stops when he notices the oy]: Is there something I can do for you?

Boy: I’m looking for… a girl.

Hobo: A gi--?

[starts laughing hard]

Ain’t we all?

Boy: I have her Ticket.

Hobo: Well, lookie. Lookie here. What is this? This is an official, authentic, genuine ticket to ride. Oh, you better keep this in a safe place, young man. If I was you… I keep all my valuables right here.

[puts of his shoe and shows it to the boy]

Right here in the old size 13. Experience shows this is the safest place. Not that I have much use for those… tickets. I ride for free. Oh, yeah, yeah. I hop aboard this rattler any time I feels like it. I own this train, oh yeah. It’s like I’m the king of this train. Yeah. The king of the Pol Ex. In fact, I am the king of the North Pole!

Oh, where’s my manners? Sit, sit. Sit. Take a load off. Hey, would you like some Joe? Nice hot refreshment. Perfect for a cold winter’s night.

[Boy drinks and coughs]

Hobo: There. Bless you.

Boy: What about… Santa?

Hobo: Santa?

Boy: Isn’t he the king of the North Pole?

Hobo: You mean this guy?

[takes out a Santa-hat, puts it on and starts the typical Santa-laughing]

Hohohoho! Hohohohohohoho! Hohohoho! Hohohohohoho! Hohohohoho!

[laughing turns into something like coughing]

What exactly is your persuasion… on the big man? Since you brought him up…

Boy: Well, I… I want to believe. But…

Hobo: But you don't want to be bamboozled.

[starts packing up his stuff]

You don't want to be led down the primrose path. You don't want to be conned or duped. Hoodwinked. You don't want the wool pulled over you eyes. Railroaded.

[finished with packing up his stuff]

Seeing is believing. Am I right?

Boy: But… what about this train?

Hobo: What about it?

Boy: We’re all really going to the North Pole… aren’t we?

Hobo: Aren’t we?

Boy: Are you saying that this is all just a dream?

Hobo: You said it, kid! Not me.

[drinks his “tea”]

So let’s go find that girl!

[starts to walk away, turns and comes back]

One other thing: Do you believe in ghosts?

[boy shakes his head no]

Hobo: Interesting

[Hobo turns and walks away]

Boy: Wait. Wait!

[Oh... the thing with the English... well, I like the dialogue in English *way* better than in German I just thought, to be consequent, I should write the whole entry in English :P ]

6.2.07 19:13


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